Taking inspiration from, this page lists the software and hardware I use for work, streaming, and gaming. Note that almost every link on this page is an affiliate link from which I may receive commissions.

Mobile Gear

I'm a big fan of fruity products, so you'll notice the majority of my mobile gear is made by Apple. I do most of my work on a 14" M1 Max MacBook Pro (2021) and it does a wonderful job.

MacBook Pro Specs
  • 10-Core M1 Max CPU
  • 64GB RAM
  • 1TB SSD

I use Apple AirPods Pro for listening to my jams while I'm on the go. I use my 11" iPad Pro as a second screen sometimes, though more often than not I prefer working on a single screen.

I also carry an Apple Magic Keyboard, a Magic Trackpad 2, and a Jubor laptop stand. These prevent my back from hating me for hunching over a laptop for several hours. Finally, I pack it all into a handmade, vintage leather rucksack. 😁

Home Office

When working from home, I usually hook my MacBook up to a docking station with an external monitor for more screen real estate:

Docking Gear


I use a two computer streaming setup. I do all of my work on my MacBook Pro while it's connected to the dock system mentioned above. Then I run an HDMI cable from my MacBook Pro to one of the capture cards on my streaming machine.

On my streaming machine, I run OBS to combine the input from my MacBook Pro and my Logitech cameras to create the stream!

Streaming Machine (Internals)
Streaming Machine (Peripherals)

While this setup is great, it's not doing all of the work! I have several other pieces of gear that really make my streams stand out.

Other Gear